Christmas Advent Calendar

Open a door and win gift cards and BNB every day!


1. Make sure you hold at least 50000000000 XMASTREE tokens

2. Enter your wallet address below and click "Get my calendar" (it is free to play)

3. Find the door with todays date on it

4. If you win a prize visit us on Telegram @ChristmasTreeBNB

5. If you don't sell any XMASTREE all day, your prize will be sent to you

6. Come back tomorrow to play again!

  • Current Prize List
  • Regular Amazon Gift Card
  • Gaming Gift Card
  • Regular XMASTREE Bag
  • Small XMASTREE Bag
  • BNB Jackpot (1BNB)
  • BTC Jackpot (~$250)
  • ETH Jackpot (~$250)
  • Bag of BTC
  • Bag of Eth
  • Bag of BNB
  • Bejeweled Bag (BTC+ETH+BNB)
  • Bag of XRP

Enter your wallet address to get your calendar